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We deliver high quality private blog networks that skyrocket your rankings

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If you want to dominate the search engines, the best way to do it is by building a PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK
Being able to control a fleet of highly authoritative websites is key for the
success of any business online.

What we offer

Building blog networks can be quite expensive and time consuming but we have the ability to build completely 100% private blog networks. We provide high quality sites and we are always adapting our methods to stay ahead of the game and algorithm changes so you can dominate your SEO.

Increased Rankings & Traffic

Complete Control Over Everything

Sustainable Results/Clean Rankings

No Hassle

No Footprints

Most Competitive Price Online

How It Works

Buying Domains

Once your order has been processed our team of experts will scour the web looking out for the best domains in your niche which we can buy to add to your PBN portfolio. Once we have found these domains we send them to you to register on the registrar of your choice, or we can recommend a registrar with discounts - We will also send you a link to signup to the best and lowest priced SEO hosting to leave zero footprints. We make sure every domain:

  • Has a squeaky clean link profile
  • Has a good clean history
  • Has Majestic Citation and Trust Flow metrics in place
  • Has referring domains so link juice flows
  • Has no poor anchors
  • Is already respected with Google

Building the Sites

The sites we create are 70% PURE HTML sites, the remainder of the sites we use CMS systems such as wordpress to make the sites. When we build the sites we take into consideration the look and feel of previous sites before we purchased the domain, because we want to make sure they look as natural as possible and keep their respect in the search engines.

Creating the Content

We then start creating niche relevant content for the site. The content is built out across pages randomly in order to avoid leaving any kind of footprints. Also, we want to make sure that Google received the necessary quality signals.

Ownership Transferred

After we have completed building your network we will provide you a complete report of the completed work, the domains will already be in your registrar and you already will own the hosting. You are now in full control of your entire network and you can use it how you please.

Client Blog Network Case Study Results

Our clients have had great success using our blog network service. Take a look at the results

Followers Niche

Our blog network service propelled this site from being unranked to ranking as high as #2 , gaining an incredible amount of organic traffic in short time. The site now reaches over 135000 monthly searches

Beauty Niche

This client has products in the beauty niche. After using our blog network service this site went from being unranked to #7, gaining the best levels of organic traffic and business revenues it has had so far. They now get over 4400 monthly searches from Google & Bing.

Health Niche Site

In only 3 days this site reached and mantained the highest rank it has had so far, ranking at #12 when just a week ago it was only #62.

The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Blog Network

Increase Your Rankings

You will boost your search engine rankings and increase your profit with relavant backlinks

Powerful Backlinks

Using backlinks that your competitors don't have access to allows you to dominate your niche

You're In Control

You will have full control of your whole network and you can freely change, add or remove links


Your network is exclusive to you and you are in full control at all times, there is no sharing with your competition

Cost Effective

Blog/Site networks are one of the best and most effective ways of ranking any site and always have been, a well structured PBN will blow your rankings through the roof

You Can Relax

Relax knowing that you are always in control of your link profile and rankings and that your competition can never get the same links as you.

Start Building Your Blog Network Now - Unbeatable Prices!


Do I own the network?

Yes 100%. When we have completed your project we will provide details of everything so you will have complete ownership over everything, including content and links.

What Information do you Need?

The only thing we need to know is your niche and how to contact you so you can register the domains and buy the hosting. We will do the rest.

What do I receive at the end?

You will receive a detailed report regarding the sites and the links.

How long does it take? Is there a refund policy

We do our best to have all networks built within around a month. You will be notified of any delays, if that will be the case. Yes. You are entitled to a full refund if you are not satisfied. In this case we will retain ownership of the network.

Do you build networks in ANY niche?

Yes, we make private blog networks in any niche you can think of, including gambling, adult or pharma.

Why are you So Cheap?

We are cheaper then any other provider because of 2 reasons, firstly we have built many networks and are very efficient at finding domains and creating the sites and secondly other providers inflate their prices as they register the domains for you, we send you the domains to register yourself, saving you HUGE amounts of money. A domain registration costs between $1-8 and other providers charge you almost $100 per domain for the honour.

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